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Flagstone Portfolio Screen

If you’re a Wealth Manager you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that Tax Year End is behind you for another 12 months, but your thoughts have no doubt already moved on to making the most of the next three months to ensure that Q2 is a strong quarter (before the malaise of the Summer holidays). What are the new business opportunities that you are going to grasp which in short order will increase your AUM and your fee income, open doors with new prospects and enhance the value that you offer to your current clients?


What if you had better visibility of your clients’ investible assets and their holistic wealth?

What if this insight allowed you to build stronger relationships with your clients based on increased contact and a richer value proposition?

What if you were able to deliver an uplift in income for your corporate and HNW clients with no ongoing paperwork?

And what if adopting the proposition that delivered all of this could also be a conduit for compelling new business conversations in Q2… and beyond?

With the completion of just a single application form, Flagstone’s unique cash management platform affords the opportunity to significantly increase your corporate and HNW clients’ interest income, plan and manage their liquidity requirements, and mitigate their risk exposure through greater diversification and utilisation of FSCS cover.


Monthly consolidated statements and ongoing 24/7 online visibility of their accounts means that you have a valuable perspective on their cash asset which not only builds your AUM but can also contribute towards your fee income.   To organise a short online demonstration of the platform in action and the value that it can deliver for you and for your clients, call our Client Team on 020 3745 8130 or email us at

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