Flagstone for Wealth Advisers

Flagstone’s unique cash deposit platform enables you to help your clients earn more interest income from the cash within their portfolios. You will already know that there are some attractive interest rates available on deposit accounts, but it’s likely that the time and effort required to research the best rates, analyse the providers and then open multiple accounts, is unmanageable on a larger scale.

Flagstone allows you to quickly and easily access hundreds of deposit accounts at the click of a button. It’s a simple way to add value to your proposition, strengthen your client relationships and most importantly, increase your clients’ interest income.

By utilising the Flagstone platform, making a client’s cash work harder is simple, improvements are immediately visible and future value is easy to demonstrate.


tick Better returns on investments

On average Flagstone clients increase the interest they earn on their cash deposits by between two and nine times.

tick Say goodbye to paperwork

Deposit account opening is paperless after the initial set up.

tick No more waiting around

Account opening turnaround times are typically 2 days, so your clients can earn interest more quickly.

tick Free of charge

Flagstone is free for wealth advisers to use with no limit on how many clients you add.

tick White label the platform

Need a solution with your own branding? The Flagstone platform is available to wealth managers as a white label solution.

tick Offset your fees

By helping your clients to increase the interest income on cash in their portfolio, you can offset your overall advice fee.

tick Acquire and retain clients

Flagstone's unique cash platform can open doors with new clients and retain the clients you already have.

tick View comprehensive risk return data

You can match accounts to your clients’ unique deposit criteria.

tick Gain an insight into your clients’ cash holdings

The Flagstone platform gives you greater visibility of your clients’ cash holdings.

tick Access comprehensive reporting

Flagstone gives you secure access 24/7 to detailed records and reporting on all deposits, so you can easily pull up a report on each client’s portfolio.

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One Set your client’s investment criteria

Set the criteria for your client's deposits, based on value, account type and liquidity needs.

Two Browse accounts

Review all the accounts that meet your client's criteria.

Three Clear and Transparent Analysis

Clear and transparent financial strength analysis is available for each of the banks on the platform.

Four Select and execute

Select the deposit accounts which meet your client's needs. View the overall interest that will be payable on their portfolio and when you and your client are happy with the selections simply click to confirm. Flagstone will then execute these deposits.

Five Reporting

View all client deposits at a glance with 24/7 secure online access.


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